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Shaker Collectors Wanted

If you collect novelty salt and pepper shakers, you've come to the right place.

Want information about a set you own?  Trying to match a single?  Shopping for a special set?  Want to “talk shakers”?  Fellow members can help you.

The Novelty Salt & Pepper Shakers Club is a collectors club comprised of members from around the world with various backgrounds who have one thing in common – the love of collecting novelty and figural salt and pepper shakers. Collectively we have a lot of education and friendship to share.

Our purpose is to provide services and education to people interested in the history and the collection of novelty and figural salt and pepper shakers.

We host a national annual convention plus many local chapters have meetings and events throughout the year. A quarterly Newsletter and a Membership Roster is included with membership. A special Junior Membership program is available for members under 18 years old.

So what are you waiting for? Join the club!

A Little Club History

The club started in 1983 and was originally called the Salt Shaker Collectors Club. Membership consisted of both antique and art glass single shaker collectors and novelty and figural shaker collectors.

As the club grew it became difficult to support two entirely different fields of collecting so at the 1987 convention it was decided to split the club membership into two clubs —  the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club and the Antique and Art Glass Salt Shaker Collectors Society, now called the Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club.

The “new” novelty shaker club quickly elected officers, started a newsletter and continued the tradition of an annual convention with a commemorative shaker.

Membership now includes collectors from 47 states plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, England, Germany, Russia, and The Netherlands.

We are a 501(c)(7) organization. Bylaws available upon request.